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The potential of jeans industry

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Denim fiber raw material is very rich, generally including synthetic fibers, natural fibers, regenerated fiber, a new cellulose fiber, and so on, all denim fibrous materials above each has its own characteristics. Among them, the synthetic fiber raw material is mainly used for weaving denim in polyester and polyamide fiber, especially after modification of polyester fiber, soft drape, winter warm summer air, is the ideal of "spring, summer, autumn and winter" denim fibrous materials. The development of all kinds of simulation is given priority to with polyester differential fibre more expand the application range of polyester.

Now to give you a few cases again

The child for the personage inside course of study reference!

Made from cotton and polyester fiber raw material, for example, weaving polyester/cotton denim is popular market new varieties, the product using the polyester fiber characteristics of high brightness, good gloss, color bright, break through the conventional single denim color, cloth depressing style, inject new vitality to denim family; Made from viscose fiber and polyester fiber and cotton material viscosity terylene weaving the denim by combining the characteristics of viscose, polyester and cotton fiber, makes the fabric there are just in the soft, grain clarity; Made from viscose fiber and cotton weaving materials out of viscose cotton denim, play to the characteristics of viscose fibre soft, through viscose blended with cotton or interweave, make the fabric soft and crisp, dressed in elegant, comfortable; The use of ramie and cotton in the raw material of the ramie cotton weaving denim using hemp coarser feel hard, can do more apparent characteristics, and cotton fiber blended yarn, using a variety of dyeing process, make the cloth cover style bold, period flavor extremely.

Such as, dupont T400 composition of polyester raw materials, can be directly weave clothes, also caused a double shock in the market. Coiling T400 can be like a telephone line, can easily make a lot of processing, provides the denim many advantages: it is very resistant to wear and tear, and it is not elastic fiber synthetic, so afraid of bleaching, made of jeans don't need to be patched up can have extended to various tricks. Tactel (Tactel) gold and silver yarn used in jeans effect is also very amazing. Due to the yarn will be in two different types of polymer composite yarn, in order to obtain have administrative levels feeling luster charming contrast effect, it can produce many kinds of visual effects and double color effect, created a variety of new design possibilities. Tactel weave denim does not shine dazzling, but the glory of the light emits elegant, made of denim clothing is very suitable for wear in the dinner.

Conclusion the cowboy

Above all! Cowboy clothing industry in China must seize market opportunities, with the fastest the thinking track of the latest international fashion trend, according to the needs of the market to further intensify the development of new products, as far as possible will not for a long time to good use on some of the excellent performance, fully functional devices such as electronic dobby rapier loom, multicolor, uneven coiling, quick replacement of varieties and unattended operation functions such as making full use of rise, in order to better serve development variety, improve quality and labor productivity, must not call white existing resources to waste. Only in this way can increase the cowboy clothing industry's international competitiveness, can the enterprise gain more profit at the same time to create a "Chinese characteristic" the cowboy series of products.


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