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Jeans are 6 kinds of antique elements

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Jeans are 6 kinds of antique elements

Any time, anyone: wild west miners eldest brother, rebellious s hippie punk, old love holidays of the President of the United States, the hip-hop Kings decked with gold, do not kink shape fashionistas, T stage, don't go out walking arm in arm with master model the design of the curtain call, all may wear a pair of jeans.

With the eternal nostalgia fashion, full of dress sense water wash jeans most definitely better. The so-called "wash water", is artificial do old process. Because the water washing jeans will produce different degree of fade, and mud, coal pollution, oxidation, long-term wearing (and not to wash!!!!) And high intensity of labor will produce natural wear and tear, the years trace has been dubbed "wash water" this unity. But already can't someone perennial wearing only a pair of pants, so it's difficult to achievement that good-looking of wash water.

Therefore, "vintage jeans" has become some people's goal, the antique wearing pants after former owner, leaving nature of wash water. But some decades age of pants pants how difficult to find and valuable, jeans and name appeared at this time - find a story of antique pants, according to the textile and sewing method, return the original details one by one, and then limited production - this is the "complex engraving cowboy", while the production of jeans also met with wash water effect, but because the old process is different, simple sense is completely different. Cowboy old Levi 's brand, lee, wrangler, including some Japanese cattle brand new during such a job, develop many complex advanced treatment processes: knead, pinch, faded, grinding, is to make good wash water.

Cowboy antique element 1: the red flag

The red flag is in 1936 began to appear on the jeans, gradually become an important symbol of jeans. Red flag is the culmination of a reproduction, in the late 60 s and early '70 s, Levi' s red flag on the capital letter "E" began to become lower case "E", because the production of prototype selection and name the jeans year before 1971 (with the exception of 79501835-01), and a lot of people are used to describe "reproduction" as "bige.

Cowboy 2 antique elements: hit nails

Jeans first called rivet Pants (Riveted Pants), shows the importance of the rivet. In 501 after engraving, hit nails will be different depending on the year, the general name of rivet is slants brunet, bronzing, production version is commonly bright copper color. Also a special reproduction is 501 and 1944, only four hit nails, there is no rivet on the small table bag, and bump no lettering on the nail.

Cowboy 3: antique elements car cost

After the car flower is now on the bag each cow brand one of the main design positions. The brand of the eagle model spend around 1947 to formally forming, before 1947, Levi 's is two parallel lines radian. According to different years, the radian. More special is from 1942 to 1947, 501, or 44501, commonly known as the "version" of the second world war, then in order to save material, bag after car cost is printed.

4: cowboy antique elements buttons

After engraving is pay attention to when making the buttons processing with s feeling, not like production jeans with new buttons. A special 44501, then USES is

Hollow laurel clasp, actually not only Levi 's, lee, wrangler are also at the time the laurel clasp, should be called to peace.

5: cowboy antique elements edge

Before 1983, 501 are in the original manual weaving woven out of the door of the picture of a narrow tannins cloth. This cloth is not through preshrinking processing, after the water will be different degree of narrowing the 1 ~ 2 yards. It is also a legend after 501 put on the wash the fit of the source of the claim. This cloth is usually with a red line edge, the Japanese called "red ear." Of course, there are a few years earlier with white cloth edge, blue edge. Open legs, see what kind of edge, also is the important condition to distinguish the jeans and name.

Cowboy antique element 6: leather label

Show the brand logo a logo on the lower back.


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